Wednesday Gibberish

It’s my least favorite day of the week again, except I feel extremely torn about hating it or loving it.

A 40 minute midterm that nobody had enough time to finish…That was my early morning buzz kill. A day that starts off like that can only get so much better, you know. Apparently the city has no concept of clearing walkways. How the hell are you supposed to walk uphill on a footpath that hasn’t been cleaned? Yeah, you’re NOT.

I was gonna do some work in those empty two hours but I thought to hell with it. I still have tomorrow to finish it and besides you can’t go enjoy a cup of coffee when you wallet is sitting at home now can you? Yes, from the looks of it, every action has an unmet pre-requisite today. Whatever – I just brought myself home and watched CSI Calleigh Desquene almost die. CSI is great except I can’t understand how they manage to stay so well dressed all the time.

Seeing them in full sleeve sweaters makes me wanna melt. It’s Miami for heaven’s sake. Who the hell even OWNS a sweater in Miami?

I was gonna go far, far away in Spring break but I’m just gonna be a lazy motherfucker and sleep. I’ll save the trips for summer when my ass isn’t gonna be frozen. That takes care of at least 70% of the stress related to a vacation taken at this time of the year.

Hell yeah. I can’t say I love summer but it’s an interesting time of the year. Brings back odd memories here and there but mostly I can freely wear creations of my own sewing machine. Now that makes the season worth it.

I’ve been shitting out pitch black stuff and it’s got me worried. I know it’s so weird I examine my shit but if I wasn’t an engineer I would be in med school with my stellar 2280 SAT score and brilliance. I was always fucking brilliant but hey deep inside I suppose I always had a penis and still do so I chose to become an engineer.

I’m the man. My mom says it, my friends say it, and I believe it. I can’t wait on certain things today. Like finding out if my sister gets her visit visa or how much I got on my math exam. Math is fun, mostly existing in a universe completely parallel. I have started liking math. Can’t say it’s my favorite though because honestly all I dream about is studying aeromechanics and outdoing myself academically.

I have no fucking clue about what I’m saying or what I’m writing. I did take a measly C grade photo of a random tree today. You know it’s way prettier outside but then again I’m lazy and will settle for this shitty Instagram photo. At least I took one.

Now, my audience, You have left me debating if I should go back to campus or not. Ahh….



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