The marker on my blog says 1 Month and I can’t stop thinking of all the great things I have to look forward to!! Mind you, none of them have to do with my academics. As the date gets nearer my excitement keeps shooting off the charts. This summer’s gonna be bad ass!!

I can’t wait to see my mom’s huge surprised face when I show up at the door at 5 in the fucking morning! I just CANNOT wait to dip myself in sunscreen and sip a mojito sitting by Jumeirah beach with no care in the world. I can’t wait to pig out on shawarmas!!!

Oh my God and how can I forget coming back to campus to take all those summer classes, lounge around outside Greyhouse with my iced coffee and just let the summer breeze sing songs to me….And then travelling the WHOLE country with my sister and just laughing my ass off!!

I can’t forget the possibilities in Doha, and the day I might get lucky at scoring in Frankfurt…*faints and dies*


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