Destination: Graduation

I met my TA in the lab today. He is such a weirdo.  It was super fucking awkward. I really don’t want to be working in an empty lab with a person who literally writes paragraphs praising my handwriting on every homework I submit. I finally grew the fuck up and started a conversation. If I hadn’t, the lab would be echoing with the sound of me biting in to tortilla chips and I just couldn’t stand that. I thanked him for all the praise.

It’s been a long time since I have done so magnificently well in my academics. My team mates, whom I have developed a good friendship with all look up to me and I really missed that feeling. Some random people who are friends with my best friend have been telling her that “Reema is a genius.” I have no idea where they get that impression from, as I do not even know them. But it feels good to be back. I joke around with my friends and tell them it’s the crack (read Ritalin) lol. Truth be told, it’s not really that. I was brilliant before my life took turn for the worst, but slowly with a lot of help I have managed to get it back, and it is a very reassuring feeling.

I don’t know why I am in the mood for a re-evaluation today and it’s so strange, but I guess it’s cz I am free and have this break to look through things to determine where exactly I stand. Someone I know asked me today as to how my break is going, and I told them that I can’t wait for classes to start. I cannot imagine a time I ever felt like that except for the odd summer of 2009 when I went back home to Pakistan for three months and just longed for time to pass by quicker. I love being in college, going to class, learning new things and just pushing my intelligence to the limit. It’s been so long since I felt this way about school, that it all seems very new to me.

Truth be told, I am very academically driven now and I like the new me, or let’s just say I am glad to have myself back. My dream is to graduate with distinction. It’s graduating in the upper 10th percentile of your graduating class. The cumulative distinction graduation GPA varies every semester for it is based on the GPA’s of the students graduating that semester. My guess is that graduating with distinction is the hardest if you graduate in May, which is when a large portion of the class graduates. I would really like to graduate in a May. My parents are definitely going to be here and I would hate it for them to be trekking through the snow on my big day.

Let’s see…:)


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