Obsolete Dreams

In this dream so obsolete
So fragile, so incomplete

I see myself in place so far away
Over a river in Chicago, or in Paraguay
Sipping concoctions in Montago Bay
Smoking hookah in the middle of Bombay

The world is a book and if you have never
Thought of travels or an exciting endeavor
Then you have never been beyond
The first page of a world so profound

Where there are lights in the night of Alaska
A kissing fish and rafting rivers in Nebraska
Colorful palaces in the heart of Moscow
Twenty three hours of sunlight in Oslo

Hot water flowing out of Budapest
Magic crystal balls in Bucharest
Cows and butter in Copenhagen
White Lambs and grass in New Zealand

Pyramids outside Cairo City
Taipei fish markets looking pretty
Grand bazaar lanterns in Istanbul
Smelling cacao beans in Lagos

Going west maybe to Argentina
Maccu Picchu and the streets of Lima
Drilling holes in the arctic ice
New York City’s subway mice

Street side noodles in Kuala Lumpur
Curries and shopping in Singapore
The forbidden city near Beijing
Cambodian coffee, French kissing

Pastries in England and Scottish pies
Walks in the amazon amongst a million flies
The lionness in Naiorobi
Golden mosques in Abu Dhabi

Floating easy in the salty Dead Sea
Athens giving birth to democracy
Sicilian pizza, mediterranean spices
Vatican – centre of catholic vices.

London rain and the tilting Big Ben
Mount Everest and Lebanese men
Clear blue waters in the Coral Sea
Panama Canal and those coconut trees

So many places and so many ways
To go explore, to be lost and astray
I have always wanted to travel far
Sleep under a sky of stars

Have you ever dreamt so far ahead
of things and places all in your head
I have and I must share with you
It’s beautiful, that you must dream too


2 thoughts on “Obsolete Dreams

  1. moni says:

    Dreaming about all this,
    Day and night
    till I get the next flight
    Far away, my heart longs to go
    These dreams,
    concurrently occuring everyday in a row..

    • Wooden canoes in Uruguay
      Rowing from land, going far away
      In the middle Earth, in a sea of nowhere
      Free of life and my worldly despair

      You and I with open eyes
      Finding ourselves and our spirits wry
      Aren’t we glad to have left behind
      The agonies of our burdened minds?

      Here we are with no home in sight
      No place to go, a silent plight
      One would think it is a state so bad
      We’ll like it better than the life we had

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