Empty Sockets

The air shifted, the warm tides are now cold. New truths make space for themselves in your brain yet your heart is such a coward it pulsates and almost loses it in anguish of anything that resembles change. Pulsating through the depths of your chest and making it’s way throbbing in the base of your neck. Hard to swallow, hard to speak and hard to breath. Life as we know it is ending in all planes except the imaginary one.

Yes, the imaginary plane is the only one that holds value but you know, don’t you? You know that value is not real, it is not tangible or something you can hold on to for so long. Some truths have become glowing red with the heat they have been bearing. They are on the verge of melting you and pouring themselves in the emptiness of your heart’s mold.

You might be living on the surface but in reality you are near death. Every nerve pulsates with pain but there is no denial left in the bottle to alleviate the misery that is contained within you.

Silently your heart has sunk, almost bowing to the new truths, the new present of your life. Some new facts now hold the throne. They are passing orders you are dubious about. You disagree but you have no choice to comply, to accept.

A little tear will roll down the side of your eye, a concentrated remain of all things that you have been expelled of. It is a funeral of the corpse you have held on to so tightly. It is finally being lied in to place. But that empty space….It is so deep, so never-ending, and so miserable….One cannot help but think that the end of the life he is used to is the end of him. He is just scared, but time, the mother of mankind, will heal all of his sockets of pain. Time will always prove otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Empty Sockets

  1. moni says:

    I like how you’ve put your thoughts down ..

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