Blah. I dreamt of some random guy walking in with a sack full of spicy Indomie noodles. Have you ever had Indomie? It is the shit!! Those instant noodles are fucking awesome.

Of course I love them the most also because they are prepared dry. I’m not really a big fan of soupy instant noodles anyway.

In a way, it is a relief waking up to the fish tank that has fish that I actually enjoy looking at. They’re so fat and green and delicious looking. Truth be told, I can’t get my eyes off of them. Like most things in life, we like to see and imagine the idea of all that exists in our life in the most beautiful form possible.

While it is true on the most part that appearances do not matter, in our minds they definitely do. Nobody has ever imagined of an ugly Prince charming, or of castles with imperfections.

Beauty, I believe, comes with time. As a person grows older, he learns to make his surroundings more and more beautiful and appealing. As with time, the older fatter fish have learned to swim through the hoops of this wooden ship whereas little ones who grew up in this very tank are still a little confused.

With hard choices, our very own definition of beauty and comfort eventually comes to us and we live a lifetime exploring it. It takes a lot to be able to learn what you deem beautiful. A lot of fishes pushed down the toilet, a lot of times walking through life with your eyes closed.



3 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Rahburt says:

    Fantastically said. All the more reason why you continue to inspire me:

  2. moni says:

    beautifully composed !

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