Knowing Lola

Lola Bunny is my alternate personality who everybody is in love with. Everybody loves my Lola voice and there are times I actually am Lola Bunny. Yes, it’s not a joke. So, Lola would like to be blogging today.

Hi ma name Lola Bunny. Iss not like me like writan or anythan but I suppoze iss fun. Ooo also dhat me weal busy bunny so Im not gunna be here thoo long. Also I donno howda spall.

Me detectuv in Polees Task Forse and iss weal fun. Me like trackan cwimanalz who in suspishun of dwug pozeshun. Me also like othur thingz like cookhie and cake but sumthime I don have time for dhat so I juss eat vegtubulz.

I would weally hope they make a scwabble game I cud pway cz all the wurdz I make get rejuctud. I know iss sad but oh well.

I also like to do the best at everythan. I experiuns two emotions they called angur and suspicion. I can be nice but i’m always thoo busy to be nice. Ermm, escoozme handz up pwease. Lola like hur fish and lotsa other thing. She weal funny somethime but noth all the time.

Also only peepul I like get to call me Lola in genural I am called The Lola bunny cuz I am magnifishunt. If u make me angwy I kill you. Me not so nice okhay. Me weal angwy if you pissin me off.

Ermm I think dass all. Donn make me angwy cuz then I’m not tawkan not speakan. Then Lola only yellan okhay BYE!


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