Two door Toyota Echo. The ugliest car on Earth. Watching cars is a new hobby. The more I see the more I feel the one I want is a good choice.

Such a disgrace it is…to be driving an ugly car I mean. What were you thinking??!!!

Haven’t gotten my license yet but I think I’ll pass. I need to control my relationship with the accelerator. Impatiently waiting for the day I get to parallel park outside this coffee shop and prove that not all drivers with a pair of lips down there are going to get their tyres on the curb. I keep wanting to parallel park, since the day I learned it. Which happens to be Saturday, by the way.

It’s like wanting to solve a quadratic equation. It’s so interesting it becomes your second nature. First you do it by factoring out, and then with practice you find the roots just by looking at the fucking thing.

I suppose with age the toys you want get bigger and pricier. That’s okhay I guess.


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