Worthless Women

There are days I feel stuck in time. This despair of no progress is groping and sometimes makes me inpatient.

I don’t know what the cure is, and there is hardly anything that helps the acute nature of such frame of mind even temporarily. There are people all over me, and some looking in to me from far away.

Cameron Diaz is being a fuck buddy gone wrong and it’s just pissing me off. I have spent too much time witnessing women relentlessly calling men and texting them and budging them and just being super clingy. It is so irritating it makes me wish I did not share a gender with them. I want to slap them across the face. Really I mean do you have no sense of self worth? Is your lonely ass so pathetic you cant let the man breathe?!

And then women wonder why their sorry ass gets replaced so easily. Why their “men” ogle other women with drool dripping down the crevice of their jaws.

Recently a girl I used to know in college a few years ago asked me to post some easy, quick recipes on my food blog. She said she desperately needed my help. I was obviously astonished to read her message and asked her what the deal is. If she wants recipes urgently I could just email them. And there comes the universal problem. Her husband doesn’t seem to like her and she thinks preparing a better meal will get her there.

Word up girl, if the “love of your life” and your “happily ever after” seems to be turning his ass towards you, I think you have far bigger things to worry about than being able to put a good meal on the table. While I admit it might help her situation slightly, the problem does not lie in the kitchen but in the way women will continually gargle their man’s balls in their mouths for eternity, regardless of what they themselves achieve in their life.

I told her in clear words, that no recipe on earth will ever fix her relationship. Nothing can make you worthy if you yourself have sunk your existence to worthlessness. Please ladies, have some self respect, and try to grow a pair of your own. Please…


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