Finals Week Move Out

I am so excited. We have a fridge and freezer and couches and a stove! Hell we even have a projector to watch movies on.

I’m so glad to e typing away my homework as Despicable Me plays in the background. In a few days my team mates and I have decided to go buy some nice frozen dinners and instant noodles…basically stuff we love. There’s an alliance and it is going strong as ever. Heck we are gonna dump all our food into the fridge we have here and we’re gonna party hard at odd hours while we study for finals. In my team mates I have found good friends and it finally feels genuinely great to be in college rather than a pain.

For certain things to go well you have to like them. I like college and I’m optimistic that in many ways this is enough to make me do well in it. Yes i know it is a pain coming down here and being uncomfortable while working your ass off at odd hours but hey at least you have people around you who are there to cheer you up and just make you feel better about it.

That’s all that matters! I’m very excited for finals week now. Bring it on, bitch!


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