Clean thoughts

Today, when I was told to envision myself in some place I feel safe, I found myself browsing through a lot of places, my mind placing big red crosses on the eliminated ones.

In the end I found myself alone in a little wooden canoe in the middle f the ocean. I can see the horizon and the curvature of the earth. All I hear is the consistent splashing of the ocean waves and the sun is setting in my face. It is supposed to be far away from me but since the ocean is so vast and empty, the sun feels far more closer than it actually is. That is my place of safety – alone, with nothing around sitting face to face with the biggest power in the universe itself.

I feel a little purified to be honest. I can filter out a lot of things that aren’t important but have a nagging presence and just live on simply. I like what I have ridden myself of. All those ABC’s and what not.

All I want to do is sit in peace and feel strong against something of measure. I just want to sit in the middle of nowhere held by a plank of wood just conversing with this red blob of fury as it sets. The thought of it is so powerful, it almost makes me break down.

Thoughts…at the end of the day they are all we have. It makes sense to cleanse them first, does it not?



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