Guided Imagery

Less about trauma and more about life. I almost chuckled when Chris thought guided imagery would help. Have you ever heard of post traumatic stress? Well, yeah.

Oh doctors. They have quite the vivid imagination, that just seems to be awkwardly true in the end. You want to pull back and say – ermm no that’s NOT what it is. They’ll agree but they’ll believe what they believe anyway. I have grown to love them. They can be quite a good friend if you want them to. It takes time and trust, much like any other relationship in life.

It sounds funny at first; to have a voice telling you things and guiding you through what is called a parallel world. But in some lives it is important to have a voice, even if it comes on a CD. People like me who live alone have an unlimited supply to negative phrases. Hell we manufacture them in our heads day in and day out. Sometimes you need an external voice that is positive and calming in nature, not wreaking havoc everywhere. The source doesn’t matter. The presence does.

I think a lot of the progress I’ve made and it makes me feel proud of myself. It’s not nice to hit the crest of your life but the great thing about it is how you emerge stronger, wiser and happier. It is always important to see yourself on that canoe facing the sun. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face, even though my eyes and mind are burning with pain.


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