On Ritalin

I take a nice dose of Ritalin every morning for my ADHD and I think it a very interesting subject I would like to shed some light on. A while back (maybe a year or so ago), I took an English class at the local community college to transfer in my GenEd requirements at Purdue, and we as a team were required to write a report that addressed issues of prescription drug abuse in college towns. It so happens that Ritalin happens to be the most widely abused prescription drug on college campuses because of it’s affects on the human brain.

When I asked my mother to check the pharmacies in Pakistan to send me a stash of my medication, my mother goes: So, what’s the name?. . .

“Ritalin?? Ohh we used to pop that pill in university. Reema darling, it has no effect! I’d sleep in my chair!”

Well, there’s my mommy dearest to you. However, her comment is hardly what I want to shed light on today. The fact is, these medicines are sold like candy back home. People ingest them FOR FUN. I was amazed when my mother told me she had spent her youth popping Ritalin. It is quite a shock to be honest. The point is, the companies who manufacture these drugs are making gazillions of $$$ over this. A monthly prescription to my medicine costs $300, which is A LOT. However, the same monthly prescription, if bought from back home costs $20, so go figure. Pulling out the bottle and having my pill with my morning coffee literally makes heads turn because people think I am ingesting gold. I don’t blame them. The other day a friend of mine suggested I SELL my medication. Not only did he make this suggestion, he actually struck up a business deal with me where he could hook me up with a few frat brother friends of his who would buy my pills off of me at $50/each. That makes an entire bottle worth $1500.

Isn’t that a familiar figure? :S Oh yes, it’s how much a new macbook pro 13″ with a retina display costs. HAHAHAHA. The irony of things, I tell you. Who knew :).

And NO, I’m not selling my medication. Who’s gonna help me function if I do? Yeah, nobody.


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