You know who you are. You know and I know, and that is all that matters. I don’t know if you will ever read this, or if you ever come around this little corner of mine and read the drawings I have made on the walls, each one masking an emotion vivid and meaningful enough to shake me as a person.

I would tell this to you in person, but all the time we spend together evaporates in the little giggles and the HAHAHA’s echoing through this little room. I like you and respect you because you care unconditionally, without gaining anything in return other than an occasional smile or a little meal.

I am glad to have met you. People would say that there is more than what meets the eye, but we both disagree. We are the good fellows who just always share a laugh and have a great time. It is like it was all you were meant to be, and that I met you in some form of good fortune for you made way in to my life when my entire world had their back towards me.

You are very surface-oriented and I am very powerful with my words, and when we sit together and ask the little light questions, we share a shallow laugh at things which we both know hurt us and our individual lives deeply.

Thank-you for being my friend and just being there. I am grateful for the day that I met you, and I am happy you ate my friend. You might be an all rounder friend to a lot of people, but to me you are just enough of a friend, and sometimes that is exactly what you want. Nothing less, nothing more.


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