Monday Morning

GOOODDD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is an exceptionally good day. I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I won’t say everything is in place, but hey does that even matter?!! I woke up early, showered and here I am with my hair wrapped in the towel while I listen to the radio and feed my fish. I think the green ones have constipation and the red ones won’t stop shitting. WHAT the fuck is happening in the tank?!!!

Most people find Monday morning dreadful. I love Monday mornings. They give me a fresh start every week. All I see is ALOT of time to get shit done when I think about Monday. I mean come on, you have the entire week! Of course I am going to have coffee. My write-up on how terrible another team’s design report is seems a bit too rude and I’m going to tone it down a little. I don’t want to, because it is very honestly written, but I don’t want our instructor to think that our team is “arrogant” or “condescending” in any way, even though my eyes were bleeding when I read the report. I mean come on people, you guys are SENIORS in college. Do you not have enough sense to write a good document? There were literally a sections where they were supposed to discuss their design choices and they left it blank, with one sentence to show to the reader.

They actually wrote their team mate who was supposed to do that section had a family emergency and did not contact them the entire weekend. Hence, it is empty. Are you fucking kidding me? What is this? Kindergarten?

Oh and tomorrow is my driving test. I’m just freaking out thinking they’ll fail me over a stupid thing like stopping ahead of the white line, or crossing the lane marker while turning on a sharp curb. The speedometer needle also scares the shit out of me. Look away from it for like a second and it’s 1mph over the speed limit. Apparently I can be failed for that. How the fuck am I supposed to drive if my eyes are glued to the speedometer all the time?!! I just want this test to be over with. I don’t wanna blow smoke up my ass but apparently the asian girls who time and again drive their vehicles through Jakes have a valid driver’s license to do so. I know I am a way better driver than they are, but hey the criteria for testing is completely different.

Somebody asked me yesterday if I was angry and I was like NO. It is so interesting how people project their own ideas of your mood on to you. The person who asked me was expecting me to be angry at them, and hence they asked. No, I am not angry, but yeah if you ask me several times in a row then maybe I will lose my patience and GET angry. Well, gotta go crash some planes now. Toodulz!


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