Society’s Indefinite Integral

With time the wisdom of finer things grow over me. It’s as if throughout the past I have gone through myself and the situations I have faced with a fine tooth comb, where all debris and dirt has been cleaned out. Definitely not on purpose, but it just happened, as if this is what living means – brushing through things with combs the teeth of which continually get finer with age.

An important thing I learned today is that you create your own environment. If there is something you don’t approve of it is only up to you to eliminate it from places you go to. In a sense, it all boils down owning yourself. When you yourself are unsure about what things you approve and disapprove of, you start borrowing that sense of certainty from people around you – a standard so tailor made and personal, it just does not fit.

It is one thing to borrow interests, and another to borrow a standard. Unfortunately the line that divides both is very hazy and as time passes and you go through certain experiences, you learn things that help you make a distinction between what is an idea and what is an opinion.

It is always great to borrow ideas. In a world where you constantly interact with others, one must encounter a variety of ideas to be able to choose which one he/she wants to endorse. However, even though you like an idea, it is not mandatory to also endorse that person’s general behavior.

With time I have learned this valuable distinction and it has really helped me gain perspective on who I am instead of what I want to be. Anthropologically speaking, it is possible to sit in different circles if your own judgement can be left outside the radius in which you are sitting. People have no choice but to accept the way you are, so why be someone you are not?

I think I find it safe to say that I enjoy all gatherings, because they give me perspective. There are a limited amount of gatherings in which I can afford to bring my judgement along, because the people in those circles have acknowledged you to have a conscience that is somewhat similar to yours. These gatherings are composed of friends or loved ones with whom you share a similar interest, belief, morals and ethics. However, statistically speaking, no such gatherings exist. The ones you think that do are just the closest resemblance you can find.

A common mistake most people, including me, make is to abolish the possibility of siting in a social circle where your sense of judgement and standards vary greatly from the general consensus. What is unfortunate is that as humans most of us do not realize that it is very much possible to enjoy any gathering, after an intelligent decision is made as to whether you want to carry your personal sentiments and standards with you or not. I think anyone who can make a knowledgable decision like that is automatically wiser than most of the general population, and I feel happy to say that I feel wiser today :)…

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”



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