Nerd of the House

Three pure hours of torture. Listening to amateurs making a luxury retreat out of a God damn airplane. If you don’t want to dive deep in to science, why did you choose to be an engineer to begin with?

As I question these people over their overly decorated state of the art planes that probably won’t ever take off, I make heads turn. My professor seems to be the only one who approves my drive to question things, and as time passes I have accumulated quite a healthy stock of people who absolutely detest my line of interrogation.

Before I know it, my own team mates are elbowing me. Alvaro wants me to shut the fuck up, in fear that now others will question us. He might not be ready to be bombarded with questions, but I am. He doesn’t understand.

Oh great. I got the nerd of the class award. The prize is 4 chocolate almond mounds. I gave it to Alvaro. He loves chocolate. What makes me a nerd is what I am wondering now. Is it because I know what I am talking about and don’t carry a note card with me to presentations? Or is it because I pointed out how the engines are more important than the comfort of the seats?

I don’t know what to feel. Everyone says I should be flattered, but I don’t think the contenders of the prize were nerdy enough for comparison. Are you kidding me? They are students in AAE at Purdue of all the universities. Statistically they are the best competition I can get, but I still feel the dire need for a mental stimulus.

Yes…a mental stimulus. You heard me.


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