This Time and That

Morning call at some frequency,
A racing heart and anxiety
I would say that I feel compelled
To read aloud or write instead

These days are bold in my calendar
Marked by math and thermal calibers
These few moments I spend sipping
Caffeine concoction, contemplate living

I look out to a world in sorrow
So wet, so sad, so gravely hollow
The pile of paper a few feet away
quit calling me out, gone silent for the day

Let me take this time to confess
Things to myself, to my peacefulness
Of all the days that have gone by
weary, busy or spent giving a try

This road is teary and my heart is too
For pride is emerging out of the blue
I am glad, to have come this very far
From where i started, a terrain unmarked

I’d like to raise a toast over my head
A glass of milk , as I sit in my bed
I’ll just pretend I’m celebrating
Living the moment while I’m dreaming

My little fish playing the people I love
Joining in, happy for me because
I’m still standing, still alive, still breathing
I have another chance at living

For what is put down in ink tomorrow
Does not matter, it only just follows
The bigger things like feeling better
Like making it out of really bad weather

Whatever the result, whatever is to come
I might be ready to beat it down like a drum
Life, lemons and that lemonade
Have finally failed to make my edges fade…


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