Life is dreary
Life is weary
Filled with things unnecessary

Life in heats
a constant feat
A little empty, yet very complete

Life is loving
living in loathing
Life is being sure of nothing

Life is food
Angry and rude
Life is fine, yet sometimes crude

Life is friends
Making amends
Being honest, being forced to pretend

Life is you
It can be blue
Life is standing besides what’s true

Life can be sad
Thoughts we once had
Life will make you fucking mad

Life is nice
Trying twice
Life’s a plate of chicken and rice

Life is pretty
Glowing fishies
Life is hating doing the dishes

Life is books
Hanging shoes on hooks
Life is never the way it looks

Life is great
Hard to contemplate
Life can bring you a twisted fate

Life can be a bunch of things
Lots of words and uncut strings

In all its glory and groping darkness
Strange roads ahead, faces nameless

Life is time, place and the stories
Sinking, floating, and rising in glory…


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