Drunken Turns

Sometimes I take a massive turn
Abandoning what I have learned
Wanting things not so me
Losing my grip on reality

Like hot sauce on my crispy fries
Or shots of vodka over tequila sunrise
Like grey eyeshadow instead of none
Or calling boredom absolute fun

Like being nice when I shouldn’t be
Or racing around large SUVs
Like watching sunrise, not sunset
or choosing words morally adept

Like laughing at some serious things
Or looking down on summer flings
Like joking around when I’m embarrassed
Or sipping drinks on the seventh floor terrace

I love this life and I love that too
I like a future dressed with no clues
I like a present filled with laughter
Some sorrow, some drinks party-after


One thought on “Drunken Turns

  1. Ky Grabowski says:

    Nice work!

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