The Sand In My Toes

I sit here on this comfortable sofa feeling happiness and ease ooze over me. Mine is the mind of success, the joy of a person who somehow has everything going for her and then some.

A long night at the concert and catching sunrise at my favorite beach bring so many beautiful things to life. I walked barefoot in my sweaty black dress of the previous night, a bottle of my favorite liquor in my hand. I suppose life is so simple at the end of the day – so beautiful and filled with basics like smiles or a chuckle or an argument with strangers…

I looked at the flatness of the sand being washed by the briny water of the sea and I realized how much this beach means to me. When Belleruth Naperstek guides me in to envisioning a place that is comforting and safe, this is what comes to mind…This clean place with an architectural marvel (which happens to be sinking) in the horizon. A lot of funny things happened to me last night. Somebody put their cigarette off on my back at the concert, and I punched him in the face. Ohh the horror I spread. Guys gave me extra room wherever I set foot after that. How can I forget the crazy seventeen year old Arab who literally publicly harassed me. Packing up we thought he’s just a crazy lunatic bothering us at the shore, and then in a flash he is holding my arm and smothering a kiss on face. I am still in post traumatic shock.

And what about Seb and prince of Syria we met last night, who thought my pineapple juice and coconut rum cocktail is just too perfect. They named it the “gazelle”, because my name means tiny white gazelle in arabic. The little time we spent under the stars, with the breeze blowing through my curls, bitching of people in our family who want to see us married to penis-less creeps. Not to forget the driving in Dubai at 7 in the morning, parallel parking the shit out of the car and blowing kisses at every guy in a camaro.

I lie here in my one bedroom hotel apartment, with a view of the entire desert and urban sprawl before my eyes…I breath in the joy the surrounds me and I breath out the gratitude in my heart. I could’ve never asked for a life better than the one I have.



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