The Feeling

Things I thought were difficult somehow became easy and here I am today.

I always thought it would be tough and challenging to move ahead but I was wrong. Sometimes the feeling comes in to your heart and it changes everything for you, including the process of moving away and forward.

I don’t know if this is my nature or if this is part of the natural course of time, but I do know that somethings get better with age and knowledge and an awareness of your surroundings. In this way I feel firmly that age is a great advantage because seeing the world for a longer amount of time definitely comes with it’s perks and added experience.

However, age can be very gloomy and pessimistic too. Learning often wants me to stop believing in things that are are young and vibrant in their nature. Age brings those ill feelings with it. Like knowing too much or the despair of never being able to know anything at all. Life, on the contrary is never like that. It’s challenges are somehow pre-programmed and artfully simulated. It always takes us with surprise.

I hope and dream of a future but it is now nowhere near to what I used to hope for. With time I always end up dreaming for better things with more substance. Life becomes less about specific people and more about soulful
things like an honest friendship or a coconut by the beach, maybe some good health and enough fortune to keep a ceiling above my head.

The rest does not matter. The who’s and the how’s and the why’s and the should’s. I don’t think like that anymore. I don’t believe in life like that anymore…


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