The Face In The Dust

A few tired, a few in blame
Uninspired, calling me insane

Some lives unsolved, a little myth
Ideas rotting in grey matter filth

I think oft of the time forgone
Moments untouched, the sight of dawn

New beginnings and old tales of care
Some good friends, the rest nowhere

Dirt and dust and my hazy brown eyes
Deceit and lust might turn me blind

Here’s my hand, where will this lead?
Stuck in time or climbing up it’s tree?

A little doubts, and a few more of these
question marks, sarcastic apostrophes

Simple things hidden in this frenzy
Lies of joy, truth in despondency

Demonstrate but please sit still
Explain to me without words that kill

Don’t tell me stories of trust and love
Of what it means to be held above

Someone’s life or your very own existence
And then pulled down on this world’s insistence

Like an egg’s shell with a crack
It’s heart oozing out on this track

The road of the truthful, the very brave
with tears of the heartless firmly engraved

Look back to the cloud of dust behind
Unveiling stories I forced out of my mind
Settling down, familiar thoughts emerging
of life and time – and patches “interesting”

Remember it – that unveiled face
It’s hurt, deceit, and it’s loving embrace…


One thought on “The Face In The Dust

  1. moni says:

    Nice and deep ..

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