Honestly, WHAT THE FUCK is your problem? You’ve been messaging me on Facebook since the day I arrived in this country and you won’t give up spamming me…

You’re making me run out of courtesy. I can’t believe you’re as busy as you claim to be when you have the time to advise me of what I should do with my vacation day in and day out. And no bitch, I am NOT who you think I am from school. How many times do I have to tell you that I am not the chick who used to hang around the photo copier for notes all the time? Are you fucking kidding me? I never photocopied a thing in my life, especially when I was in school. You are after the wrong ass brother…

To top it off you look like someone hammered your face with a frying pan. I don’t know why you won’t back off and just take the hint. No I do not stay in contact with my friends here. I don’t have time for them and they don’t have time for me. Plus they’re judgmental. Oh wow, so now you think I’m being agressive.

You know what? I am aggressive. Because your constant lame-ness is driving me nuts. YOU are making me run out of patience. If you were in front of me, I’d slap you across the face. That’s right bitch, I am fucking angry now, and it’s all YOUR fault. BACK OFFF MOTHERFUCKERRRRR!!!!! I am not the photo copier girl. I am not the girl with the book! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! 


One thought on “!%#&^$%#%@%$^&*

  1. moni says:

    Haha!! what fuckkk ?

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