Forgive and Forget

A few last tears mark the acceptance that has grown over me like mold. I have struggled a lot with what has happened. Sometimes I have felt angry, and other times I have asked why me? But now when I look back I feel nothing in particular. It is a bitter-sweet feeling of I don’t knows. 

A bad feeling comes in to my heart, but so does consolation and pride and all those weird emotions that make this concoction so weird and hard to process. It has become something from which in life I have often turned away, and I recognize the shape, size and smell of it very well. I have seen this piece of history before and they end up not existing for the most part. 

I have never been sure of this but now as time and life both come together in ceremony, I know the moisture of my eyes are not out of forgiveness or hopelessness, but can only be regarded to the mere acknowledgement that yes, it happened. 

I am nothing like what I come across and with time a few people have discovered that and most remain aloof of reality, and there we have yet another hard fact of life that has been made peace with. 

I forgive you and I won’t make this any more difficult because it is just so simple from here onwards. Mostly because it has been extremely complicated before. I forgive you, and I know that now I will also forget you. 


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