Money, Money, Money

I am a travel greedy fuck who continually stalks air tickets to every corner of the globe all year round. Secretly I have been working hard, however it is sadly not my nature to “save”…whatever that means. I realize how money never stays in my hand and maybe all the clutter I have held on to in my house is a testament to how I need a severe lifestyle change. Honestly all those extra pillows and unnecessary shitty things have started giving me a head ache and when I look at it I always ask myself what the fuck I was thinking. It’s ridiculous.

I am not a cheap ass who will live off of the dollar menu but sometimes I feel there is a lesson worth learning from the people who do. Sure they definitely don’t use all the money they save for a trip to the Bahamas but hey nobody said that I can’t, right?

I don’t know why it has even crossed my mind to think about money today, and maybe this itself is a beginning to a changed me. I just want to be responsible, that’s it. I mean I already am responsible am I not? Well maybe i could be MORE responsible.

Gahh, fuck it! The truth is that I just wanna take a trip somewhere lol! I am on vacation but hey I’m already planning my next one. Is that too lavish? Ermm I don’t think so. I mean it just occurred to me that if I save enough during the semester, I’ll be able to afford it. Hey maybe I should unsubscribe from Pandora….Psshh like $3.99 a month makes a difference…

Or does it :S?


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