I don’t believe in miracles

There are several things to be furious about. Several little things weighing down the other end of the scale.

In life however, those several little things don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what happened a year ago, or how someone treated you, or why you got walked over several times in your life. Several little things can consume me bit by bit, but I know that one small thing to be happy about always outweighs them all, and often times that little piece of joy is all you need to survive and look to a better tomorrow.

With time I have learned how to not keep a grudge, because too many people in my life are such against whom nothing better than a reservation can be kept. However as time passes I can look beyond the push and shove of numerous people in my life. When I turn back I know I owe nothing to no-one and very few people in life can actually say that with pride and dignity. My pride might have been my weakness for a long time…But some lives have nothing but pride and independence to thrive on.

There are days I look around and feel better than people I once thought were better off than me, and I realize that my adversities, however numerous, are Nothing short of a blessing in disguise.

A lot of people believe in a God – a higher power capable of controlling their lives and it’s outcomes. They ask him for forgiveness and peace and ease of mind. If they ask for challenges, they would be better off. If there is no battle, there is no good. Most people choose the easy, predictable way in life. They marry, work, fall in love, give birth, move and celebrate because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

I don’t believe in the right thing, much like I don’t believe in miracles. All my beliefs are void now, because I have realized something important – that the only thing I need to believe in is myself. It seems to work out amazingly well for me.


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