It’s been long

There are still days I lie in bed thinking about you. I try and just give up but when the thought of someone enters your subconscious, it demands to be entertained in whatever way possible.

So I let it be entertained for as long as it wants to be, because with all the time that has passed it is rare for you of all people to come back to my mind like that. I remember things vaguely but the few things I do remember are like shards of gold. I smile at that age, and that innocence. If I met you today I am sure I would behave like no love’s lost.

It is not my nature to live in the past for long. I am a very forward looking person who lives life in phases. When I am in the phase it means the whole world to me but when the phase is gone it vanishes completely from my life, its existence tied to the very very very infrequent visits to my mind – like today.

I hope you are doing well and thanks for visiting…


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