The Hidden Ones Will Heal

I only have two days left here and while a part of me is looking forward to going back to school and being in the swing of things again, most of my heart is a little restless and not at ease. Over the few weeks I spent here I have realized that my time has had a deeper meaning to it than what it seems on the surface. 

I am so glad that I have found a place in my heart for people who genuinely care for me and love me beyond all odds. I am glad I made the heart felt decision to travel halfway across the globe in the scorching heat to see my mother’s face, because something in my mind knew that it is going to be amazing. 

I realize strongly now than I ever have how certain things bring happiness and stability in your life. How relationships that are sincere and free of compulsion, arrogance, games and conditions are the best jewels in life…even though momentary emotions send them in to an unknown territory where they remain indefinitely unacknowledged. 

MY feelings are not restricted to the small radius extending to my parents, but I feel a general appreciation for my family, who come with their fair share of flaws, pet peeves, strengths etc – much like anyone else in the world does. It is hot in Pakistan and you know the lifestyle is just the polar opposite of what I am used to (and approve of) but I have found the kind of happiness here that I haven’t felt in a long time anywhere else. 

Being around these people bring life to my soul, and put a smile on my face. Arguing with them is interesting, and another form of love altogether. They are people whom I want to pick up the phone for, punch a few numbers and drop in a hi – because I miss them, and I adore them for whatever part of me they form. 



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