Brown Eyes

I am disappointed in myself today. Things too special never seem to escape from my mouth, and maybe in life I have given a rather solemn expression of how important something/someone truly is.

I do not believe in expression as much as I believe that humans, if they happen to be connected, are fused together through their souls. I think to look in to someone eyes for a silent moment means more than saying “I love you” with a ghost face.

Speaking of eyes, I have been thinking about them all day. As ridiculous as I might sound, I feel eyes are so important… Eyes are the most expressive thing on a person’a face, and I can’t lie I always look for two things in people – a warm face and beautiful brown eyes…The kind of brown which is earthy with a slight tinge of honey yellow…a pair of eyes that look almost amber in white light but scream of affection while staring at you.

Brown might be too “regular” of a color to fancy when it comes to eyes, but brown is beautiful to me…It is closest to all things real – like Earth and mud and chocolate…The color is so manly and just so original, I cannot help but admire eyes that are a beautiful brown…

Do I sound crazy enough now? Maybe it’s cz I’m starving and haven’t left the house like some anti social manic depressive in over two days…

Yup, time to eat.


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