Last Lap

I’m not sure how I look but when I think about it I envision a tired face with hair that is expecting to be showered clean tomorrow morning…

The weight of the world is on my eye lids as I scroll down this PDF file on my phone and try and remember that nonsingular and invertible matrices are PROBABLY the same…

I have a lot of 20 hour days like this and my anxiety is as high as the ceiling right now. I will toss and turn but I will never go to bed, because such is the condition of my mind.

I have tried to learn to relax and “take it easy” but I am volatile, passionate, opinionated, and all those other stuck up crazy adjectives that exist out there. If I feel I’m missing out, I won’t go to bed….I will read the shit out of these fucking theorems… All of a sudden I want to be the best. Yeah, the girl who sneaks in to class JUST to submit homework. She wants to be the best.

Maybe I have ran out of goals, or maybe I see the end of mission impossible so close by, I can’t help but over-work myself to cover that last lap…

My degree is the biggest love/hate relationship I have harbored in my entire life…And as the days pass, the intensity increases, and I become more of a maniac than I already am…

Who said there wasn’t room for more? There always is…


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