Fear Me Not

From what I hear, I am being called out for a challenge…

In my life I have never shyed away from that. I have made many difficult choices and I would do it all over again…

When I look back I don’t think of contempt or blame. I want to say “thank-you for that experience, you made me a better person…” In life whatever I do becomes a small part of me, and it’s these small parts that come together and make you whole, I believe.

I had a miserable day with a foot the nail of which got completely detached in the wee hours of the morning… I didn’t have anything due in any class so guess whose been sitting home and sulking the entire day. Yeah, THIS GIRL.

It took me twenty minutes to slip on a pair of flip flops and walk over to Wendy’s which is LITERALLY across the road from my apartment. I must admit I have gathered a lot of people’s attention with that pronounced limp.

Here I am sipping on this mega American sized diet coke… There’s a lesbian couple sitting across me discussing their petty issues, and I absorb the pleasure of simple things. It all comes down to the small things I guess. I am not afraid anymore, because I have never lied to myself. I think this one trait overshadows many. In life I hate to give birth to regret, and wonder what had it been like if I had done things differently.

What makes me happy is that I never thought “what if…” and I know I never will, and for those people out there who are frightened to find out, I feel pity but I also understand. It’s a tough world, and you do your best to survive…


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