Parade of the Unknowns

Once upon a time there was a girl. She believed in goodness, and a lot of other things.

She believed in friendship, and the power of it. She believed all good things in life began with good friendships, and she believed in sharing. There were never days her beliefs would dwindle or even blink, and her flame was consistent and unwavering like the rising of the sun every morning.

She made a lot of friends, and she went to a lot of places. She experienced different things, and ate a lot of different foods, and talked in a lot of different ways, and held a lot of different beliefs. She graduated through a lot of stages and she lived through many phases. Every time she walked out of the door, she made heads turn and mouths whisper.

But with time, she came to the truth. She only made a handful of real friends. She only earned the love of a handful of people, and her world was far from the life of appearances she was always bedazzled by. Slowly, her constant fire started shrinking, and shrinking, and shrinking… Till it was reduced to a tiny little flame, held by a tiny little wick.

Every jolt of air would make her blink, send her over the edge. Every footstep raised a cloud of dust above her head, and deposited a layer of it on her face. She lost the paved road somewhere behind her, and all that dust kept depositing on her like mold.

She was once known to be very beautiful. The world as she knew it would say many kid words about her reflective eyes and her beautiful smile… but all that started to disappear behind the thickness of the deposits on her face.

With time the flame extinguished, with that one fatal blow. Good for the flame it went dead, it was tired of flickering in the dark for so long. The dust on her face kept building up, hiding the cuts on her face. With time it became unclear where her nose ended, and where her lips started. She became feature-less and fire-less every day.

And one day, just like all the others, she walked out in to the world. But she didn’t make any heads turn. Nobody noticed her. There remained nothing recognizable about her. She faded in to the parade of the unknowns. Life ate her.


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