Work and Beer

I never used to understand why people drown in work, or anything material in nature.

However, as most intangible things in my life seem to fade in to a dead end, I understand why there are people out there who love their work, or their cars, or the ability to make money a fortune in life. It’s the sign of a person who has accepted the truth of the world.

The truth that time is money. That money, sometimes if not permanently , then at least temporarily, makes the world go round. Wealth makes us happy. So is knowing that something we invested in paid off. Like being rewarded for a project or striking something off of a list.

People seem to have forgotten to love, or know what the word even means. They don’t understand what it is to care about someone’s feelings, to read the wrinkles on their face or what a good gesture is. Like asking someone if they’re alright, or telling them that you are there no matter what. Like offering to bake a pie or showing up with a bunch sunflowers to a dear friend’s house.

No. People seem to have forgotten all that, and then some. They have forgotten the joy of a shared meal, or a teaspoon of freshly churned ice cream, or what the breeze feels like, or to sip lemonade and watch Rodeo in a humid stadium in Texas.

I can’t understand it sometimes, but I guess I only pretend not to so I can have an excuse to think about it….retreat in a quiet corner and think of how the things I love in a human being are missing. Just sitting there sometimes makes me fear that maybe they are dead… that maybe the thing called simplicity just jumped from being endangered to extinct, and nobody ever noticed. Because everybody was busy complaining, or thinking…like me.

I cannot open my heart to a person who does not laugh loudly when happy, cry rivers when sad and break objects when angry. I cannot see and believe the honesty people claim to extend towards me, when I see them extend none towards themselves…

Oh and I too, take pleasure in work, and tangible objects occasionally. I also drink a lot of beer … it makes me happy – at least till it lasts…



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