Carb Re-hab

As I lie here in bed, I am thinking of all those amazing things crafted out of dough, like pasta and breadsticks and glazed doughnuts… Cinnamon buns and parathas ….

Leaving sugars is killing me. All I think about are goodies made of wheat. It is making me disintegrate. I look at people gorge on bread and what not and I want to cry in agony. I want to snatch those crabs outa their face. Yeah, maybe cz it’s only day three. I feel like a junkie experiencing withdrawal.

It all started one night when I was up thinking of the amounts of visceral fat I have accumulated over the course of the past eight months. So many things in my life asked for rectification I completely forgot to cater to a good exercise regime. I once loved to lift but my life turned around and now I think of nothing but work. The truth is I live my life in fear that if I give time to anything except work I will pay the price for it, which I know doesn’t make sense.

I just don’t wanna die. I am the barrel shaped individual who stores all their fat above the belly. If I let it out there for too long, I’ll most probably develop type 2 Diabetes, heart problems etc. The sad thing is that both of them are predominant ailments in my family… So, the future looks pretty bleak to me… Unless of course I do something about it.

Do you even count your carbs, bro?!


Say Something, DAMMIT!

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