Spare Me

Today was emotional. It came with highs and lows.

The high was getting a good score on an exam I gave, the low is how as I sit here at 3 AM in my living room wrapping up homework, I am almost certain I just heard a woman get beaten up by a man upstairs.

It’s hard to tell, because the douchebags across the hall think it’s cool to blast music at this hour on a weekday.

I dialed 911 but cut the call. I don’t even know what apartment number this is happening in, or if it is even real. It could be just me hallucinating. One can’t be sure of anything in such a state of mind.

So I have stopped working and started thinking. I am an emotional thinker. I feel more than I try and make sense of things. My personal sentiments mostly dictate how I feel about certain things. It also makes me very opinionated.

Sorrow has hung over me. All I hear is that woman’s agony. I don’t know if it was real, a fragment of my imagination or a recollection of the past. Either way, it keeps ringing in my head. It keeps hurting me, and drowning me… bringing back to me things I don’t talk about with myself anymore.

They say in pain you will find pleasure… A lot of people take this to mean that everything has a positive side. The truth is, in pain you will find more pain, and when you do, the lesser pain appears more pleasurable.


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