I realize my last post was so fucking hormonal haha!

But it’s no big deal cz this is my web space and I can write whatever I want here. Yay! Today someone told me that I work too much and that maybe I should go home and take a nap…I nearly shrieked out in laughter. Honey, you don’t know half the story, but I appreciate your sincere advice. Even though you’re friends with the Indian guy I think has no regard for academic integrity, you’re not too bad of a person yourself and I am sorry for judging you by the company you keep.

Nice touch with the M&Ms there. I was quite famished honestly and only thoughtful people vend a pack of candy for their acquaintances sitting back in the lab. That was very sweet of you.

I haven’t been good friends with a female in a long time now. My only very close female friend is my sister who is actually my cousin. The last row of female friends I had kinda made me wonder if friendship really does exist or not. The drama and the lies and the backbiting and the envy…. These things are beyond the abilities of my very impressionable, sensitive and impulsive nature, which is why I avoid making friends altogether now. Self identification, I tell you. It can save you from a lot of pain in life.

But I think you are really nice and cheery and friendly, and I really admire that about you. This might even offend you, but I have to say it. You’re not even as ugly as most Indians are. I would place you in the top 20th percentile, and trust me that’s an honor. So yeah umm, thanks for the candy and keeping me company and I hope you develop a better work ethic so I can see you as a worthy person to study with too … And no, that was NOT a joke.


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