I Haz A Born

I had a wonderful day today. It was a regular, laid back day that was filled with gorging on goodies and indulging in things I like. It was also my birthday.

I have a special aversion to social networks and the way they disintegrate the fabric of conventional human to human relationships. I must admit that I myself love to tweet funny one-liners all the time and take immense joy in spreading the contagious laughter through all my limited but valued followers. However, any social network I extensively use – twitter, WordPress and Instagram – hardly ever have any role in my friendships per se. I don’t rely on twitter DMs to converse with my friends, or Instagram photos to stalk my old buddies. I have always found it absurd how people think it’s okay to categorize a friendship as “good” just because two people have stayed in touch a lot through Facebook.

Of all the modern conflicts that social media brings along with it, one thing I particularly detest is how 91 people will post on your wall for your birthday. Your phone will probably blow up, you will probably spend more time typing thankyous to every post rather than attending phone calls (read genuine wishes) you will receive. A couple years back, a friend of mine literally came to my Facebook wall and wrote “HB”. I am not even kidding. What am I to make of such a greeting? Frankly I haven’t figured it out myself.

So yes this year, I had a great birthday with no spam posts on my social network walls. In fact, I only have ONE Facebook greeting on my wall and that too from a very dear old friend of mine. Only three people bothered to call me, three people sent me direct texts/messages and a couple of people greeted me in person.

I am delighted because it felt like a special day, and everyone I know who would go the extra mile did, and that makes me happy – you know the thought that four or five people very close to me have done something special. It beats the feeling of left to deal with spam from a whole batch of 91 people on any day.

Oh and of course having said that, I obviously have even more celebratory plans for the upcoming weekend with a bunch of my close friends, and well, Life is good.




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