The Gift Of Thought

I always try and figure out

What simmers in their pot

How he went about loving her

Why she won’t shave in November

Sometimes I want to question

The act of asking for suggestions

Maybe raise a doubt or two

about why people do what they do

Like what drives a Chris to blatantly lie

or what makes a Lauren always comply

How about that chick called Christy

Whose life is a blur, eyes always misty

Entertained? Yes of course I am

To engage in thought is my plan

The Dos and Donts and what they mean

So many consciences to be cleaned 

I wonder what sense of pride there is

In fooling others to a false premise

Or never opening your heart in vain

Playing happy with things disgustingly plain

What does he find boring in life

Why does she keep quoting me Christ

When are they ever going to change

Where is the limit of this airplanes’ range

So many questions and so little time

To know it all is probably divine

They say a lot is needed to live this life

Let me think; that will more than suffice.

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