Confessions of A Chronic Hoarder

I love the idea of living light, and traveling light. You know, just pack a suitcase that fits all your belongings and just roll out in to the sunset.

Sadly, as much I love the idea of it, I fail on almost all levels as far as execution goes. I am a hoarder, and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with this sad reality, but it is true. In light of my current mission to downsize the weight of my existence, I thought it would be a good idea to have an honest hour and do some serious confessionals. If you’re a hoarder too, I’m sure you can relate to all of these things (and more!)

1. This is a bag full of cards and gift wraps from people who gave me presents on special occasions. No, I can’t throw it away, it has sentimental value for me.

2. Oh look, a packet of instant yeast – cz sometimes you have to make pizza dough from scratch. Did I mention that I don’t even eat grains?! So what?! What if you have to make pizza dough from scratch for some friends? Yeah that’ll happen – while you’re in school full time.

3. I’ll use these show boxes for storing jewelry. I can’t throw them away, look this one has paisleys on it, I am totally basing the entire color scheme of my bedroom off of this!

4. Oh here’s the box my Macbook came in about four years ago. No, it has important CD’s and start up guides in it. *Opens box and sees there’s nothing inside, keeps it anyway*

5. I can’t throw away these empty bottles of alcohol. Look, we finished this one when we were in Dubai, and this one I finished with my best friend who doesn’t talk to me anymore. I’m still keeping the bottles though, because the past is really important. Every bottle of it!

6. These clothes don’t fit me anymore, but what if they do within the next few months? I have to have something to wear for then, let’s take all of them with me.

7. Well, I never wear these clothes but I’ll keep them anyway for my “stitching projects”, even though it’s been a year since I last touched my sewing machine.

8. This is a huge coat I have never worn but I’m not giving it to Goodwill cz mom said it belonged to my grandmother.

9. I can’t throw away this box of instant custard that I brought from Pakistan. What if I have to make desert one day? Did I mention I also avoid eating dairy?

10. Can’t waste this bag of flour. I might not eat grains but I can always bake my friends cookies (The last time I did that was 2011).

11. These books are coming with me. Yeah, that’s my A Level chemistry textbook, which I keep for reference. Cz you never know when I take a class that asks for the periodic table. Did I mention I’m graduating in 5 months?

12. Oh this box has all my art supplies. You know crayons, oil paints, brushes. Do I paint? Yeah, once in five years…

13. These are my Jenga blocks. I make large structures from them in my free time. (I don’t have free time)

14. Here’s a bag full of Ether cables. they’re really long (5m) and could come handy. Cz you never know when you need to run a cable through your house to connect your laptop in the bedroom to the wall socket in the living room.

15. These are a bunch of line clips for laundry. I don’t have a drying line cz I don’t have a balcony, and I dry my clothes in the dryer, but you never know when your habits change!

16. These shoes pinch me so I don’t wear them. They are five years old but I’m not gonna throw them away cz they’re still new.

17. I can’t throw this lotion away. I paid for it, and I’ll use it when the bottle I’m using right now runs out. Oh but when the bottle ran out I went to the store and got a new one.

18. I brought this half bottle of shampoo with me from Pakistan when I started college because it smells amazing. It’s still taped cz they don’t make this shampoo anymore, and because it isn’t created anymore, I haven’t used mine. So it has travelled with me through seven moves.

19. My mom sent me these bars of soap cz she thinks soap is better than body wash. I can’t throw them away cz I don’t wanna hurt her feelings.

20. I’ll keep this pile of paper. Look, some of these are printed one sided. I can use the other side as scrap!


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