I’m back in true hill billy style. You know like how cowboys wander off in to the sunset on a horse ready to fight a war or rob a new town and then come galloping back several months later with facial hair, torn boots and an unsatisfied libido…

WordPress has changed a lot but thankfully it didn’t fuck around too much with my forefront which I am grateful for. Managing photos is a pain in the ass and I realize I have accumulated more photographs than I have time to write about, or actually that might have just changed because I am OUT of college now and beginning work soon. I have been advised against writing about work and I kind of agree. You never know who comes out and reads the stuff you write anyway. Privacy is not a top feature of a rather public blog anyway, and well the advantage of having your own web space is that you can write anything and I mean ANYTHING – this could make you look bad or good, depending on how your perception of the world around you is formed.

I’m not gonna complain much except that I really miss the midwest and a part of me is dying to just go back and be in an eternal college life scenario but then there are better things awaiting and lots of exciting opportunities I look forward to and I can’t complain much. I thought I would be averse to all the fish the local restaurants here are dishing out but in all honesty it’s not half bad. I ate a fish sandwich the other day which was the bomb and there’s a sushi place I went to today which was pretty neat too, especially since I a sucker for seaweed salad!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Oh and here’s a random photo I took the other day:



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