Minor Imbalance 

Isn’t it weird how some people make an impact on your life? How odd is it that you walk around and meet thousands of people in your entire lifetime, and somehow your story leads off of just one of them. One is all it takes I guess. 

Just when you start to think that you are free of your insecurities, people walk in to your life and remind you who you truly are. These people could mean everything in the world to you, or they could just be nobody. The point is – it’s not the people that matter; it’s the self-discovery that results from them which does. 

I was fairly convinced that I was over most of my fears. Afterall, I have been on the path of well-being for some time now. However, recently some events occured that made me realize how deeply scared I am. I am scared of living. The things I once enjoyed cannot be enjoyed anymore. The things I valued now seem so scary. I am afraid of being stuck in a template lifestyle, but I am also afraid to be awfully different. I am afraid of being a part of something people don’t understand and I am afraid of losing the little space I have around me. 

I am afraid of small things, and I am missing out on a big life. Maybe somewhere out there a rewarding life is waiting for me, where the things I am passionate about rise above everything else. But before that, I know that the only thing I need to do is stay level-headed… and hopefully the cards will fall in to place. 


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