Live Love London

London is coming to a wrap, In the past 4 days I have been in two different countries. I absolutely love London and it is definitely a very happening place. 

While I was in Iceland, I saw some of the most beautiful scenery. That country is a work of wonder. Volcanic rock, tectonic plates, lava fields and glaciers… It truly is the land of fire and ice. I believe so far my most amazing memory is of floating effortlessly in the Blue Lagoon. Head back, chin up in piping hot geothermal spring water… With the steam from the water rising up to my nose… I can’t describe what a heavenly feeling it was. Iceland is definitely a country I want to visit again, and for completrly different reasons than London. 

London is posh, uptight, beautiful and nasty all at once. London is super cosmopolitan. I just love that about this city. There’s people from everywhere. All over thr world. Londoners are very fashion conscience. Beautiful long coats, perfect make up and that runway look. Old and young – all sorts of people go for a chic outfit. I absolutely love the accent, and I was actually pleasantly surprised athow  nice and helpful some of them can be. Super cute with the whole royal family deal. And that flag – can we like, swap the flag?? 



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