Prague is always beautiful and it was this time too. It’s a majestic, romantic city with so much history, culture and architecture. It is the city of love.

Being in a place like this touches me in the feels like nothing else does. This air is sweet and the bells ringing in the distance make my heart race. These quiet cobblestone streets make me feel so incredibly alive. I am deeply moved and touched by the beauty of this city. 

I am in harmony with my insides and I feel happy but I also feel a pulsating pain in my heart. Maybe it is the pain that accumulates over time, the pain of existence or something of that sort. Maybe I am so moved by the place I am in, I have come to my deepest hidden fears. Maybe I have opened the lock to my heart. 

Prague makes me want to have ideals again. It makes me want to fall in love and feel deeply for someone, walk down these streets and steal a kiss in these twisting and turning cobblestone streets. It makes me want to stand by the bridge and see the boats pass by as some man plays an old tune on his violin. Prague makes me feel romantic in an unattainable way, but with that it also makes me slightly sad, because life is not romantic. 

Life is a wretched journey filled with agony and misery at every corner. In life you must always expect pain, from anything. Life is not romantic, it is hard and it is ruthless. Life is unforgiving, but mostly life goes by for people who forgive, forget and do not dwell on the small things. 

Yes, it’s true there is someone for everyone. Maybe this is one person, or maybe it’s multiple people. Love is arbitrary. Sometimes you feel it and other times you don’t. Like the aurora in Iceland. Or the white christmas in Prague. 

Am I happy? Yes, I am very happy, bevause I am not weak yet. My heart hasn’t been compromised yet, but maybe one day it will be. I live in fear of that day…because I don’t know if I will make it out alive this time.  



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