Stroke it

Life is short and I am scared. There are no guauntees. Sometimes you play hard shell to hide away from your deepest fears. You disassociate from things that haunt you, convincing yourself that you are untouchable. But let’s be honest – who, if ever, is untouchable? 

Some of us are born more vulnerable than others. Sometimes when life begins, the odds are stacked against you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, the same empty canvas, but when you inherit misfortune, the need to achieve the most in limited time rises exponentially. 

Yes, there are no guaruntees in life, but there are opportunities, and a wise man once told me: Never stop making your own bread and butter. Never give up, and know this – you can never go wrong with kindness, forgiveness and stroking someones’ ego the right way. 


Say Something, DAMMIT!

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