Everything I know About Love

When you grow up things change. You learn to get a grip on reality, and you learn to take everything in life with a grain of salt. 

Things have been good to me in the past few months. Or should I say, I have been good to myself? I havent written about Mike here before, but he does exist. 

I have learned that when you grow up, life is less drama and more doing. It’s true I love this man from the depths of my heart, but this is a relationship of doing, not thinking. I enjoy doing things with him, and I never find myself fixating on what we have. 

Your mind – it is your best friend or your worst enemy. As my mother always taught me – an empty mind is home to disease. She couldnt be more right. There is a difference between acknowledging a legitimate issue and shredding every fucking iota of something apart. 

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes people are too. Sometimes you are caught in the middle. I wonder sometimes why people are miserable. What causes unhappiness? It’s because we can’t let go. We just fucking can’t let go. And the things we should have held on to – like our objectivity and sense of reasoning… We let go easily (hell, willingly!) 

So yes this brings me to the million dollar question. What is love? Hahaha

Love is friendship on fire. Love is trust. Love is giving a person the benefit of the doubt. Love is making the best of your time with someone knowing you’d probably won’t get a chance again. Love is being shamelessly honest with someone. Love is giving your best unconditionally. Love is being accepting of the high likelihood that you will be failed at some point. 

Love is a lot of things… But I am 26 years old and I have seen my fair share of grief and heartache in life … And I am here to tell you – love is a lot of great things. Love will bring you a lot of joy… But only if you have the heart to accept that love also fails you at certain points. Love isn’t perfect, and neither is the person you love. 

I opened my heart out to this shockingly obvious and statistically prominent truth about love, and I don’t recall ever being happier in my life. Things happen, people fuck up, plans fail, dreams are crushed. Life is not rosy, but it’s not all that bad either. When you are accepting of it’s short comings, you are more equipped to enjoy the beauty of it.

Oh and in case you were curious, here is the person I love. 



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